Thank you again for your professional assistance during our very turbulent 2016 year. You helped me through several self-assessments to understand my strengths and challenges, helped me identify my current and desired “brand,” identify my core values and motivators, and set short and long term areas of expertise desired that will ultimately lead me to achieve more goals.


I especially liked diving into the sections of your standard lectures that were most applicable to my business challenges, including communication during periods of turmoil, delivering bad news, and understanding how people react to comments, behaviors and directives from their leaders.


Thank you for doing a great job, being such and engaging and fun person to spend time with, and for helping me become a more effective leader.


Brian Caveney MD JD MPH
Chief Medical Officer at BCBS NC


Consummate Professional, Personable, Knowledgeable, Communicator, Coach; are words that come to mind when I think of the range of skills that define Kelly’s expertise. Kelly can assess leadership skill needs and then build on that foundation to improve upon people’s abilities. By her own example she teaches others leadership and professionalism.


When we both were at the City of Mesa I frequently relied on Kelly to be the guiding force to design and deliver training for our people. When coaching individuals Kelly is honest, candid and respectful – this made it easy to trust her guidance and seek her opinions. She has the capacity to engage groups in the same way. The proof is in the results and Kelly delivers. I have no reservation in recommending Kelly to any person, team or organization.


Carl Geis
Training Chief, Mesa Fire Department
Asst. Fire Chief MFD, ret’d


I had the pleasure of working with Kelly during her tenure as an HR Partner with Siemens Medical Solutions. She provided me with excellent insight into the dynamics of my management team. She also worked closely with several of my District Managers to improve the performance of some of their direct reports.


The feedback she gave was extremely valuable to both me and my team, enabling us to make subtle adjustments to our Human Resources in order to improve the overall performance of the organization. I would highly recommend her services.


Kevin Byrne
Zone Vice President – Service
Siemens Medical Solutions


I am more than pleased with the results I achieved based on Kelly’s services. Her professional commitment and vast experience in Human Resources give her an edge to any other career coach out there. I truly believe this profession her calling.


Ilona Vega Jaramillo
Director at Enterprise Florida


My Executive Coach Kelly Walsh is truly gifted. She can listen to me ramble and make sense of the point and then suggest a tool that can transform my life/business in a positive direction. Not talking woo woo stuff here, real tools that generate time/money/health for my business. Hire her!


Tony Felice
President/CEO at Tony Felice PR/Marketing


Kelly, thank you for speaking to my leadership team on the topic of Leadership, Coaching, and Mentoring. The goal for having you speak was to inspire my group to think broadly about who they are and what they want to be. I believe our mission was accomplished. You were great!


Lori Gentles
Vice President of Human Resources
San Francisco State University


Kelly helped me ramp up my career and gave me confidence to shine. My sales increased 66% and I was elected to a prestigious charity board.


C. Valenti
Sales Executive



As I prepare to retire from the Fire Service, I wanted to write and thank you for your assistance with my leadership and interview skills. With your encouragement, I was promoted from a Firefighter/Medic to a Fire Captain, Battalion Chief, and finally Division Chief over Training. Who would have thought all of that would have happened? You gave me the skills and confidence to go after anything I set my mind to.


I have taken all that you have taught me and used it to help other firefighters and those wishing to become firefighters and help them become successful. Although I’m retiring, the Mayor has appointed me to the City of Mesa Zoning and Planning Appeals Board. I am also a Part-time Senior Advisor to the Fire Chief. I will get to continue helping the citizens of Mesa while keeping my leadership skills in use as well.


Fernando Valenzuela
Retired Fire Division Chief (training 300+ staff)
Mesa Fire Department, City of Mesa, AZ (38th largest City)


Kelly Walsh’s experience as a HR professional in a challenging corporate environment, her skill as an ICF Certified coach and as a business owner places her heads and shoulders above many who might offer executive coaching. Value clarification, mind maps, strategic planning and boundary clarification were all tools that Kelly used to enhance her coaching. For me, transition themes related to a career move, grief themes related to the death of a close personal friend, increasing effectiveness within a management position and creating a more consistent life balance were all areas in which Kelly’s coaching assisted me in making discoveries about my own gifts and abilities of which I was often unaware prior to the coaching sessions.


Kelly’s energy, sensitivity, wisdom and humor make her an excellent choice for anyone wishing to create a better life. With her leadership, I’m dreaming bigger, realizing my dreams, and looking enthusiastically for more yet to come. I recommend executive coaching to anyone who is willing to make changes in their thoughts and behavior that can result in a significant improvement in their performance.


Mitch Coggin, M. Div.
Pastor, United Presbyterian Church, Bloomington, IN
ICF Certified Life and Congregational Coach


Kelly, I have been promoted from the Director of Field Engineering to the Sr. Director of Education Operations. I wanted to let you know that your coaching skills helped me prepare for this new position. For the interview, I put together a 20 page report on 30, 60. 90, 1 and 3 year plan like we had worked on previously. It really showed I had done my homework and helped me in preparing for the new job. They were impressed with the details I had gathered before the interview as I talked with 7 people that all played a role in different areas of Education Services so it gave me a full understanding how they worked. .


I am now starting my 2nd week with this job and I have lots of learning to do and changes to make. In just the first week:


• I have started a DOA to centralize 10 jobs;
• Reached out to HR and Comp to reclassify the department CAPI and comp;
• Got 5 new reqs approved for application;
• Now starting new project to merge Service Education together with DX.


I feel prepared and excited for the challenges ahead! Many thanks!


Dean Harris
Sr. Director, Education Operations
Siemens Healthcare