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Smart Life Founder Kelly Walsh

Kelly Walsh, M. Ed

Owner of 1 Smart Career and 1 Smart Life, LLC


Executive, Leadership & Personal Coach


quotebox-kellyKelly has spent her career helping leaders make the right choices and delivering lasting results. Even executives who think they lack leadership skills or are unable to break forward have succeeded.


Kelly helps you achieve exceptional performance by applying specific tools and techniques that guide your leadership development. So yes, she talks about vision but also deploys specific actionable steps that deliver measurable results. On average, executives with whom she partners accomplish things like promotions, increases in sales and productivity, and major life changes within seven months of working together.


Leadership can be grown and people can be in control of their own success far more than they realize. Sometimes they just need an ally, confidante, and guide they can trust who will help them into the driver’s seat. The best coaches encourage the driver and act as a navigator with an eye to milestones and hazards alike.


Coaching engagements work best when the coach and client work collaboratively to co-create goals with measurable results that are of value to that client both personally and professionally. Confidentiality and neutrality are the cornerstone of the relationship. In no other place in life, can the executive operate in a place of safety, privacy and non-judgment so that he or she has the space to grow and exceed their wildest expectations of themselves.



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Leesa Childress Sluder, M. A.

Executive and Leadership Coach



During Leesa’s 25+ year tenure working in finance for three major corporations, Citibank, Cone Mills Corporation, and Bank of America as a Managing Director/Senior Vice President, she observed a variety of leadership styles and personally experienced the challenges of juggling simultaneous personal and professional priorities.


Now, after coaching professionals for the past six years,  she has observed the real sense of accomplishment of her clients, as they get the priorities and boundaries set up to make life work for them, during THIS particular chapter of their career.  Many people “muscle through” years of challenging work using crazy patterns of multitasking, and learn over time that the stress of this demanding lifestyle takes a toll on our health, families and general productivity.


By working with a coach, Leesa believes leaders can create a vision for the way they would like their life to unfold, and design attainable steps to make the right shifts happen.  Described as the “action coach”, she helps the client jumpstart change, and reach their goals for building resiliency.  After making these shifts, many clients have received promotions or new career opportunities as they have built their self awareness and made changes that boost productivity at work and build relationships at home.