Driving Change: When more than one approach will make the solution perfect

Business Coaching has become synonymous with Consulting. Individuals or organizations retain consultants for their expertise and to assist with developing clients’ knowledge and skills. While consulting approaches are different from coaching, it can be used alone or in conjunction with coaching depending on the project at hand. A consultant will diagnose problems and prescribe and, sometimes, implement solutions. Examples of consulting work we can offer at 1 Smart Career are:


We are pleased to work with you to develop customized consultation services that will have positive impact on your project.


Case Studies


Situation: Needed to communicate organizational downsizing and hiring freeze at medium size bio technology company.


Solution: Worked with Senior Vice President and VPs to reinforce Change Management principles and reduce negative impacts on remaining employees.

  • Prepared timing and content of communication messaging;
  • Carefully planned roll out with messages and talking points delivered and cascaded quickly and effectively;
  • Created layers of talking points for all supervisors to meet with staff and follow up meeting materials for new initiatives that would engage and re-energize current staff.


Result: Systematic communication kept process as transparent as possible, thereby reducing rumors, smoothing transitions, and keeping employee engagement high. Extensive preparation meetings with leaders and continuity in messaging kept employee confidence high and increased trust. Outcome of a difficult situation was positive.

Situation: Vice President of drug development company has his global project staff for in person meetings only once per year. He wants to reconnect them as a team and define their mission.


Solution: Within 1.5 day team meetings, integrate teambuilding activities:

  • Team learned they can be stronger as a team than as individuals;
  • Team learned they have the ability to increase creative and collaborative solutions;
  • Identified roles on the team and need for different strengths; and
  • Created a team-driven mission statement, with high level goals for team success.


Result: Team expressed to me that they felt less siloed than before the meeting. They said they wouldn’t have been able to come up with as good of a new mission statement without the process of unifying as a team through activities. They had momentum to continue forward.

Situation: Client Corporation wants to increase use of “Teleworking” in its organization. It has not been used much and has not been popular with leaders.


Solution: Created training program to include:

  • The changing nature of work
  • Benefits and opportunities of telework
  • How to determine whether you have a good situation for telework
  • Components for a successful telework relationship
  • Developing a telework strategy for your work team


Result: Program implemented; telework trending upward; employee retention increased.